Can a variable be defined by what it isn't?

I’ve created a number of MCs titled btn1, btn2, etc… for an XML MP3 player. Each MC lies behind a track name, derived from the XML file. Once clicked, the player skips to that particular song, and the corresponding MC beneath changes to a darker color to show which song is playing.

Fairly simple, but because I am also using forward and backward buttons, I am defining the MC names through a variable number.

When the forward button is pressed for example, I have it add one to the variable, and perform this function: eval(“btn”+i).gotoAndPlay(2) (along with the other functions to play the next song). This does the trick in terms of getting the next button to highlight for the corresponding song.

But what I would like to do is also have a single function that tells every other button to go back to it’s original state. Is there a way to define this somehow by saying
“everything that is not” eval(“btn”+i).gotoAndStop(1)?

I hope that makes sense. I have the feeling there’s probably something fairly rudimentary that I’m missing here. I am very grateful for anyone’s help on this matter!

Thank you!