Can actionscript write html? MX question

Hi I am a newbie to actionscript with limited javascript experience. i’d like to know if actionscript is able to write html to the page becuase I want to include title tags and a link to a new page with a randon image script.

I used the script I found for loading random backgrounds @ and have modifed it to include
load in random jpg files like so:

choice = Math.round(Math.random()*5);
switch (choice) {
case 0 :
case 1 :
case 2 :

//more cases follow…
the next step is to display html titles tags so the user can see a description of the photo, when they rollover the image.
Is this possible using some kind of actionscript equivalent for document.writein ?

thanks for your help

you’d need to put a Dynamic TextField on stage… you can than change its contents with:

myTextField.text = "new text here";

And if you really want to write HTML, you could create a Javascript function that you’ll call from Flash with getURL :slight_smile: