Can an FLA reload / reset / reboot itself?

Hey folks-

That’s the question already there in the headline- is there a way to trigger a “full reload”? I have a problem with a file that’s heavy on XML-loading and -interpreting and MC duplication and whatnot…

…and no matter how much retouching and restructuring and refining (and other words that start with “re”) I put into it, after about 20 minutes it slows to a crawl, presumably because of a cache overflow.

So I figured I’d just find a way to completely reload the FLA- preferrably while passing values to itself so it knows what options and values the user had selected and what screen he was on.

I guess the last resort would be a plain HTML-reload / refresh… but that is really only the final option… I’d prefer the user would not notice too much of the reload- at least not through the inconvenience of having to navigate through menus again to get to where he was…