Can any one help to transelate to AS3 plz

Hi i need to transelate this .fla to AS3 please i really need to add this to my source code in actionscript 3 for dragging part in my and i dont know how to transelate this to actionscript 3.0 so please help me to transelate it thnx
thats the .as file for the map for zooming and the mostly the connection to my XML database but i wanna insted of dragging add the control buttons to the map up down left right and its in AC2 and i dont know how to convert it so please help with it i would be really greatfull if you could help and if you need more data i can send it so please see if you can do any thing to it or just need the transilation for those buttons download the . fla from here so please look at it and the website is up you can check the map on ok and reply back thnx alot