Can anyone fix this scrollbar?

Without screwing up its coding?

p.s. thanks to dan for that code fix up but I’m not really sure how to enable the scroll bar again :-\

Whats supposed to happen? The bar isn’t enabled yet because there isn’t any text to fill the box.

Or is that not the prob. Please be more specific.

Why didn’t you export it?

Try that and you’ll see

You should have mentiond you have type in text and press enter for it to register in the text box. I had to figure that out… Of course I exported it.:cool:

I’m having a look at it now.

Here I fixed the scrollbar enough to where it scrolls down but its still buggy but I only messed with the script for about 5 minutes but I will have it totally fixed later but I am busy and now its the weekend so I usually never touch my computer. See ya on monday!