Can anyone help me with "Listeners"

hey all,

i have a problem when i test my listeners they work but what i want to happen is as follows:

  1. i have 4 radioButton components on the stage and when the user clicks a specific one.
  2. it will say in a dynamic text box correct or incorrect depending on which one is clicked.
    3.BUT i only want the text showing up after their selecction is made and they have clicked the submit button.

how can i have this interaction here is my script so far and its on the first frame.

var answerStatus:Object = new Object();

var oListener:Object = new Object();
oListener.onPress = function(oEvent:Object):Void {
    if( == "A snail"){
        q2_answer = "Q1 is correct"
    } else {
        q2_answer = "Q1 is incorrect"
q1.addEventListener("onPress", oListener);

cheers peeps

ps need help asap if no trouble? cheers again peeps :slight_smile: