Can Anyone Help

I hope I can make this clear. I’m just trying to do this to understand a concept, not that I need it for a project.

I have a time line with framelabels “part1”, “part2”, “part3” and “part4”
I placed a button on the screen and all I want the button to do is go to a randomly chosen label. So, it’s different each time. I instantiated my button as blueBut_btn
The following code exists on frame 1
Even though my trace changes what randomLabel is
my button doesn’t understand that randomLabel is part1 or part2 etc…
How do I pass this information to the button?

blueBut_btn.onPress = function(randomLabel) {
if (randomLabel==0) {
} else if (randomLabel==1) {
} else if (randomLabel==2) {
} else if (randomLabel==3) {
//---------<one button to randomly goto frame>----\
//set framelabel to part1 through 4
var framelabel=new framelabel;
var framelabel = [“part1”, “part2”, “part3”, “part4”];
var randomLabel = [Math.floor(Math.random()*4)];