Can anyone make my navigation work

I think i’ve bitten off more than i can chew. On this page <> i placed the zip file that contains the basis of what will hopefully be my personal website. Only thing is i can’t make it work. It has a whole host of problems (see below). If anyone can make it work, i’d never stop thanking u. This is how its supposed 2 work:
[INDENT]The user slides a stone down the bar. When the stone hits the dock, the corresponding page (a movie clip) plays and the other stones return to the top of the bars. While one stone is docked and its page is playing, the other stones should be able to slide freely, until one hits the dock. This again should cause all the other stones to return and a new page to play.
[/INDENT] Please please please someone take the challenge of making this ridiculous navigation system work. The construction and code is amateur and messy, so send ur questions if u can’t understand what i’ve done. I’m sure to someone out there this is all very simple.

the problems

  1. the drag functions are silly – if u make a wrong move, the stones get locked to the mouse whether ur dragging it or not
  2. the pages should start from frame 1 everytime the stones are docked – when u dock a stone, a page plays. if u undock and redock it, the page doesn’t start over, its still playing
  3. the stones return suddenly – when one stone is docked, i’d like the other stones to travel back to the top of the bar
  4. when one stone is docked, the other stones are difficult to slide. they should move as freely as they do when there aren’t any docked stones

i may have other problems with it, if i do ill edit my post.

!!! ??? can anyone help me ??? !!!