Can default from switch/case be used in another switch/case?

I am doodling at work :jail: and wondering if this is possible. Unfortunately I don’t have flash in front of me so I can’t test it but since my AS is so horrible it probably wouldn’t help anyway!

I want this on an MC:
i = 0;
case 0:
some action; break;
case 1:
some other action; break;

if (i < 7) {
switch (i) {
case 1:
something else; break;
case 2:
something something else; break;


Basically what I’m wondering is, will I lose the value of i in the first switch once I’m out of the switch? Can the second switch read the 1st switch?


Sweet! Gotta go try that out. Why did I think that was so hard? :h:


*Originally posted by lunatic *
**Why did I think that was so hard? :h:

:stunned: **

thinking makes things harder, i try not to think too much, it hurts


remove “things” and insert “i” (no pun intended) so it reads “i make things harder”! LOL!

Yeah, I think I popped quite a few brain cells on this one!
:trout: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again mah man for consistently coming through!