Can flash be transparent over another movie?

i need help in placing a flash movie over another flash movie.

i have set the background of the overlapping flash movie to become 50% transparent

it works great when it is overlapping text but i cant get it to work over a another movie

i overlapped it using the css z-index property


thank you.


do a search - i seem to remember a similar question being asked and answered before… the background of a swf can be transparent… hope this is what your after…
btw, just out of interest, why do they have to be separate files?


Hello there.

Hey you can load new movie full transparent on running one.
Just dont put any background in the second movie.
Your graphics in second movie will be visible directly on the background of frist movie.
Try it.

(it will better if you put the stage size of both of both the movies same)


i remember seeing a tutorial about this on this site, somewhere.

oops… accidently pressed enter there…
let me go try your suggestions. brb