Can flash 'remember' where a movie clip has been moved to?

Hey, I’m looking for some advice on how i can make a draggable movie clip remain in the position it was dragged to, when moving to another frame, then returning to the first.

here’s an example,

say on** frame one **i have a circle movie clip and an image of a square, to begin with the circle is nowhere near the square, but I’ve added code that means it’s draggable, so you drag it next to the square then click a button that takes you to **frame two

**then when you’ve done whatever you can do on **frame two **and want to return to **frame one **the circle would be back where it started (as in nowhere near the square).

How could I make it so when you click to go back to frame one, the circle is where you dragged it (e.g. next to the square)

Any help would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: