Can i control the size of an external browse window?


i have a button with a getUrl action (…364hd&Z=1)) that brings up a new window. what i want to know is: can i specify parameters to control the size and position of this new window? and if so, can somebody show me the way?

many cheers

in fact… as well as that… i’m struggling with the following:

here’s the link to the movie i’m slowly and painfully putting together (the design is a bit minging, but that’s what they want!)

ok: the ‘click here for directions’ calls a movie with the blue box growing. the car, train and plane are buttons and they’re not in the movie (they’re in the scene where the movie is) that’s why they appear so suddenly (yeah - it looks crap). when i put them in the movie (where i wanted them) i can’t get the action script in the buttons to call up the scene with the map (i have a label in it, where i want the playhead to go to). i can call up a url using getURL when the buttons are on the movie, but thats not what i want.

so my question is: can i call up a label in a scene from a button in a movie? or does the button need to be on a scene for it to call up another scene?

any help is much appreciated

btw: there’s prob too much line-dancing in the movie so far - i just wanted to experiment with lines because they can look good (when used in a way that i haven’t quite understood yet)


ah - sorry -> i’m talking about the button with the car image on it (it’s the only one that does anything)