Can I do this with Flash?

Hi, I’m new to flash and learning. I need some help please.

I have this small flash (200x250) and it will appear in 10 pages. I don’t want it to reload and replay each time a user access a new page. I want it to play fully only the first time the user access a page that has this swf. When the user access other pages, the same flash swf will NOT reload/replay from beginning to end again but the user can choose to replay it by clicking a replay button. How do I get it done?

I have made the swf and a simple replay button but I don’t know how to control the movie to make it load and play once only with it appears in 10 different pages.

Any help is appreciated. I spent 3 days trying to figure it out and obviously beginner level of flash knowledge is not sufficient to solve this problem.

Thanks and greatly appreciate your help in advance