Can i make a transparent button?


Is it possible to make a transparent button as to acheice a roll over, over text?

Thanks for your time in advance.


Yes you can make a transparant button, just make your button, and place a symbol behind it with the size and shape of your button, then adjust the alpha leven of this symbol to 0, transparant, and now only the text is visible, with the point of contact of the invisible symbol, i hope this is what you mean



There is another way also, which relates to something I’d love to pass on anyway.

Whenever I make buttons in flash, they are all the same. I create a square, then choose “insert/convert to symbol” Make it a button. Then go in and edit the button itself. Grab the first frame and drag it to frame 4, leaving all other frames blank. Now you have a button without any graphic content, just a hit spot.
Whenever you need a button, just drag the same one from your library onto the timeline and resize it to fit over whatever you want to have a “hit spot”.

Why do I do this?
Flash loads each element of a movie once, then reuses that element whenever there is an “instance” of it on the timeline, but it does not reload the object a second time. By reusing the same button over and over again, you are reducing the size of your swf file. (Granted it only reduces the file size a little on small projects)

If this still doesn’t make sense to anyone just say so. I’m not much of a teacher, but I’ll try to explain it better if I need to.