'Can load external SWF but cannot play it!

Hi, I posted a similar question a few days back. Some kirupa people were kind enough to help but now i have a new problem which is dirving me nuts!:crying:

Simply; i can now load an external SWf, which is a game. When the correct button is clicked, the game appears onscreen, but when i click to actually start playing, nothing happens. The SWf game plays by itself, so i can only guess its not working when imported due to an error in the actionscript.

if i use either of these scripts, i have the same prob:

on (release) {
_root.createEmptyMovieClip(“blank_mc”,100 );
with (_root.blank_mc){
loadMovie(“tetris.swf”, _root.blank_mc);


on (release) {
loadMovie(“tetris.swf”, “placeholder_mc”);

Can anyone help??? I’ve attached the file if anyone has the time.