Can movie clip display its own file name?


i need script and some instructions how to:
display my movie file_name
in example “movie-1.swf” or just “movie-1”
inside of my movie-1.swf
in the text field or something …

it is my movie own file name
but not writen directly by me from keyboard
but writen by script so if i change file name
it will be updated automaticly in the movie
after movie is reloaded
so file movie-1.swf renamed to movie-2.swf
will display text “movie-2swf” or just “movie-2”


it = _root._url.split("/").reverse()[0].split(".")[0]


big thx !!!
it works almoast perfect exept that it displays
in stead of

but i can accept that
once again big thx