Can PHP processed forms be tested on my localhost ( Apache )?

[FONT=Arial]sept 20 2005

  • some php codes don´t work on Apache when called through a html form

I´ve ran several codes on Apache local server succesfully;
Then I made up my mind to test on localhost a php code that
has been in use online for a while to process forms ;
it´s a basic form that calls the file mailer.php

  • <form method=“POST” action=“mailer.php”> ;
    Both files , form.htm and mailer.php , are in the folder
    C:\wamp\www\php_tests ;

When submit is pressed the browser points to
http://localhost/php_tests/mailer.php and nothing else happens,
the page doesn´t load ;
I expected a blank page or any kind of error message as I have
not a local email server ;
Is it possible to test forms scripts on my local machine ?
Thank you fellows;