Can some one explain root to me?

i really dont understand it. can someone just kind of try to give me a real simple explaination (if one exists…)

_root just refers to the root of the scene you’re into. Any object in that scene can be named _root.nameofTheClip. It’s just the basis to write the path to an object, just as c: would be.\rIt’s very useful when you have two clips in the same scene. If you define a function, for instance, in the first movie clip, and that function has to take the x position of the second clip as a parameter. For the moment, you’re inside _root.clip1. To go inside _root.clip2 and get its position, you’ll just have to do _root.clip._x.\r\rUnderstood ??\r\rpom 0]

yeah that helps…thanks a lot pom

You can now try and have fun with it. Make movie clips containing three movie clips, each one of them containing either a button or a movie clip, and try to set variables from one to another clip, and trace your result to check if it works…\r\rpom 0]

thanks have fun skiing don’t break anything major