Can some one please help me? please?

I am about to go crazy!!! I have a movie that calls other movie clips with a preload and fade for each external mc called. but after you call and load the swf in the container it dissapears aftre about 30 seconds it disapears if you dont do anything and then it comes back after about 30 seconds.

i am using this script for the preload object and fade.

if(dummy ==1){
_root.text._alpha += 10;
loaded = _root.clip.getBytesLoaded();

total = _root.clip.getBytesTotal();
num = int(perc) + “%”;
perc = (loaded/total)*100;
bar._width = perc;
if(loaded == total && dummy == 1){
_root.text._alpha = 0; = 1;

Then this is on every frame to make it use the preload and fade in the new loaded swf after it shows it loading.

clip._alpha = 0;
now = 0;
text.dummy = 1;
//now load the external file into the myData object


Also i dont know if this has anything to do with this problem but when i load an external swf it does not show any actions i have in there or any text but does show images and shapes but not dynamic text boxes or fades or anything like that.

You can view it at the url below. I have listed the link to the main movie swf and the map1.swf that it calls when you click on floor plan so you can see when you view the map1.swf by itself there is more stuff that does not show up when loaded into the main swf.

Please can some one help? I am begging you!!!??? :slight_smile:

any one have any suggestions? please!?

aaawwwww crap i thought i had it fixed but then still disapeared. crap!!!

What am i doing wrong? Can one of you super flash gurus please help me?

I will put you on a pedastle and you will be a hero in my book and will go down in history! :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you post both of the fla files?

i can not post them here because they are to large but here are links to them.

Thank you soooo much!!!

You are the best!!! :slight_smile:

oh also if you look at the map1.fla you will see it has text boxes and such that dont show up when i call it into the main swf. if you look at the map1 and then view the swf and click grounds you will see it does not show the text or the hover caption.

Any luck on this? :slight_smile:

:hugegrin: :hugegrin: :hugegrin:

Hey Claudio you get a chance to look at the files. :slight_smile:

Sorry to bug you it is just that have just about pulled all my hair out and can not figure out why it is doing this.