Can somebody please help me with the following

Hi there everybody,

I’m trying to build a flash website and up till now everything is coming along fine. However Iwould like to use a preloader for it.

I was wondering if anybody can tell me how the following preloader on this site is done:

If you click on the link you will enter the first page of the site, when you click on enter the preloader appears…

I would really like to know how this preloader works. From beginning to end.


  • the logo at the beginning of the preloader,
  • the sounds
  • the different text labels that appear as everything loads.

Thnx for your time.

There’s a bunch of different preloaders in there. The first preloader’s animation is just a loading bar and a plus sign that blinks. Pretty simple. Here’s the tut:

The animation/sound soon thereafter is talent and tweens. The other preloaders (like the navigation) are just blinking plus signs.

There’s a bunch more tuts on preloaders at
Good luck!!

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