Can someone contruct me a VERY simple CMS?

Hi people. It’s been long since I have been here last time. I am back again :). Anyway can someone please construct me a very very simple content management system with PHP? I don’t want it to be a whole website. And I will do the styling and the css and graphics all by myself. Anyway what I need is a small CMS script (like an article manager) that i can manage articles and tutorials with, and it will index and categorise the articles and tutorials as I wish. I want to also be able to remove, add and modify articles.

As I said before I will do the styling and everything myself, I just need the PHP script that will do this. I do have a database but you can do it in which ever way you want. I want nothing else, just some content management script where I can submit, edit, delete and manage articles and tutorials on (it doesnt even need a proper admin control panel!). I do not want anything else, such as a forum, polls or anything.

So can someone do this for me? This is for . I will also give you full credit.