Can someone help me optimize this random composition art piece?


I am graciously working with an Actionscript 2 random composition generator as shared by the wonderful designer “No Ponies”. You can read about it here, download it [URL=“”]here, and preview its output [URL=“”]here.

Anyways… here’s my situation:

Say I wanted to do something similar to this, but with traced bitmaps. Like 100’s of them… This could get disastrously huge, if not impossible (and crash) right?

My question is:

There’s a Main swf file and individual AS files that are “attached” to each clip in the library. Since this is generative and runs randomly, is it possible to make individual SWFs for each library element and only have them load when needed / called, etc. ?

If so, can someone help me? I would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it. I really encourage you do download the above link and look it over so you know what I’m dealing with.