Can someone help me with this please?

i want to make that, and he/she says that photoshop comes with that rust background to use, i am using PS7, I am not sure what they are using, but I cant find that rust background anywhere, and yes I am a noob at this, I am trying to teach myself by attempting tutorials as often as possible, because I really don’t know a better way to learn, if you have a good way, let me know.

anyhow, this is the coolest rust text I have seen, and I would like to duplicate for use on a personal webpage of mine, because I think its really nice looking, but I cant do it because I dont have that rust pattern.

can someone please help me out, i am getting a bit frustrated.

thank you

What I know of, I’ve never seen this rust background. I think that rust looks like a some kind of noise filter?

i figured half of it, its basically a rust orange color as the background, and then you use the difference clouds settings, however, the thing i cant figure out beyond that, is how he got the grain effect on there to make it look like a rusty sheet of metal.

We have a tutorial on making rust on the homepage. Check it out, I’m sure it’ll give you a minor understanding on making your own. has some great tutorials on rust in their Photoshop section…I was just there looking for stuff, then this thread caught my eye…hope you get it all worked out :slight_smile:

it says it’s a default Photoshop Action. I use my own, but I loaded “textures” and there it was, “Rusted Metal” which looks just like the tutorial sample.

yeah just go to your actions panel and load in the textures and it should be in there. theres quite a few kool textures and image effect actions there :slight_smile: glad i read this topic to learn about em :slight_smile: thanks.

ok, I have PS7, and I was looking everywhere for that rust texture last night, he said something about a goodies folder in my PS directory, however, no such folder exists for me. Can either one of you kind of walk me through it so I know how to find the rust texture?

also, i wanted to thank all of you for your help, most of the time people on forums just blast you for not being as advanced as them, but you guys have been awesome, and have been a really big help, and I appreciate it. thanks