Can someone point me in a direction to start?

hey guys, i’m trying to make a presentation that will eventually play from a CD. I’m not trying to impress anyone with the flash work, So i’m keeping it super simple. I am familiar with the interface of flash, but i’ve only made slide show type files where i can go from scene to scene. I need a little help with getting the framework of this one. Here’s my logic:
make a ‘main.fla’ movie with 5 ‘place holders’ with which i loadmovie or attachmovie external .swg’s to the panels as certain buttons are pressed. This is rather than fight with scenes and all that jazz. I know this is possible, i’ve just never attempted it before, and actionscript isn’t my friend quite yet.

so my ‘main.fla’ has two frames in the timeline and 5 panels that i guess will act like place holders (emptyclips i guess would be a better word). How do I initially loadmovie onto the place holders at the start of the main.fla movie? Is the code assigned to a frame? To one of the empty clips? What does the code look like for after a button press to load an external .swf onto a targeted place holder?

Just so you can get an idea of what i’m talking about, I posted the file here . Any words of advice would be greatly appreciatted.[