Can someone tell me why my movie is BOGGING!?

Hello I am trying to have a multiple scroller in my main movie I have one on the right side of my movie that has a scroll with another scroll inside it. But They are bogging my movie. Can you please help me out? I also have a frame rate of 35.

Here is the URL
Where those text scrolls are, not after you hit the branding. That has not really been developed yet. So far there is not really any thing going on yet. but for my portfolio I am going to have this piece loaded in a clip:

Then after that is loaded, I think that then it really is going to bogg. Is there a way to keep all the animations all to run smooth at the same time? I mean there has to be a way to make this look good. For the actions go, there are none yet other then the component and the menu. But there will be some in my all my sub menu items.

Thanks Everyone