Can this be done in Flash?

Hi Folks!

Right now I am working on my first Content Management System. It is based on PHP and MySQL.

At the moment I am thinking about how I can realize a Flash-Navigation for this CMS as some kind of optional module.

I know that I can set up navigations in Flash which obtain the information from a XML- or PHP-file. This should make dynamic navigations possbile in Flash, doesn’t it?

Right know there are two things which I am worrying about:

  1. When I design a Flash-based navigation for a dynamic system, I do not know how many elements the navigation will have. Is there any way to control the size of the Flash-file? Or do I need to set up the Flash at some kind of maximum size and use some kind of scroll bar when the navigation exceeds the file’s dimensions?

  2. For this question, please have a look at

Wait for Intro to pass by and than choose a language. You will see a navigation in the middle of the header. It is some kind of ciruclar navigation, and all the menu’s elements roll out below the circle.

The navigation itself is not that spectacular. But the question is: Is something like this feasible as a dynamic navigation?

I mean, the elements that roll out should not be the problem, or? More headache-inducing is the circular element above with the main navigation elements. Can this be done dynamically?

Thank you for your ideas in advance!


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