Can you give advice on my new logo?

Hey Guys! I am novice graphic designer and have recently made a logo. Can you give me some advice on how to improve it?

Looks good, but I think it needs to be a bit compact

Looks cool :slight_smile: but I’d like it better if there’re less words

How about something like this:

It took a few tries…

Really good suggestion. I like the flashes as in lightning fast service.

what if the tool is a nice guy? Something like this?

Actually , I was thinking that the electric/lightning
refers to ‘fixing the electrical problems’ ,
and the wrench refers to ‘fiixing the mechanical problems’ .
ie., "We do it all " .
hth :slight_smile:

But the problem is, mechanical and electrical problems by definition only applies to a portion of perceived househould problems. even if they in fact are electrical or mechanical. It’s like saying you buy a phone because you have a communication problem. And you don’t. That is why logos look like whatever, in whatever shape, the closer to a box the better.

The catch it all symbol.

That is why I like the wrench and the lightning.

it is not typical.

Edit: this would probably be a successful logo:

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Yeah agree it looks decnt, could showoff more about what you do in the logo tho