Can you have like NewsPro for Flash site?

I need an answer!! someone plz answer me back!! I was wandering if i can use prog/script like newspro to post news easier even on FLASH site. If it is possible plz post a way to do it. Thanx

Can you tell me more about NewsPro? I am building a news site and this sounds like something I would want. What is it? How does it werk? do they have a website? Heres the site I want it for;



download: (should work)

and im not sure, cos i dont use it but i would think that the instructions are in the file… its a CGI script

and to answer the question i would say that it would be very difficult to do so… if not impossible…

im sure there will be some dude who can do it tho!


hi tdf!

how did u achieve that kinda of effects on ur banner? i know it must using actionscript but how is it done?