Can you load html text into a flash file?

I know that you can load text from a txt file, but is there anyway you can load text from a html file?

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean? Html file?

Ok, I want to have a client beable to update the text on a swf file, but not have to use a txt file. This way they can use some sort of WYSIWYG editor or something.

I have done this before let me try some thing;)

var ss:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
content.styleSheet = ss;
content.multiline = true;
content.wordWrap = true;
content.html = true;
story = new XML();
story.ignoreWhite = true;
story.onLoad = function() {
content.htmlText = story;

nlaffan looks like a winner, mind if you can shed some more light how to use it please?
Just place it on the first frame and call an html file from the same folder??

Thanks again!!

nlaffan’s script looks like it loads css… I would suggest a quick fix would be to use the wysiwyg editor and then rename to .txt.

Have you tried that Dunga? Does it work?

You could have the WYSIWYG editor save the text it receives to a .txt file.