Can you loadmovie swf and jump 2 a frame?

I want to loadmovie (blabla.swf) from a button and jump 2 a frame(frame 44) or a label(label pic 66)… It would be great if someone could help me out here!

if you search the forums, you`ll find loads of info on this. Basically you just have to make sure it has loaded before telling it to do anything.

on (release) {
loadMovieNum(“blabla.swf”, 100);
gotoAndStop(“picture 25”);

That what my code look like now but it still dont work… why?

it doesn`t work because the movie has not loaded when you are telling it to gotoAndStop(“picture25”). You need to ste up a loop to check getBytesLoaded()/getBytesTotal(). Have a look at the example in this post

Im pretty new at flash. I dont get it. Shouldnt the action be on the button??
If someone could type the code it would be great.
Please help me out here!! :wink:

Hey kvack can I offer a bit of advice? :slight_smile:

You will learn more about flash and actionscript if you try things out instead of just asking for the code. Stringy and I have both given you the same hints and tips. Try some of the preloader tutorials on - they are well explained and not difficult to follow, nor are they long or time consuming. Understanding how they work will be crucial in solving your problem.

If you are still stuck after trying then post the code you are using or a sample fla and someone will help you.

Good luck! :thumb: