Can you mask a movie clip?

I am starting to work on the design of a webpage right now and I have been thinking of transistions from one page to another and was wondering if it is possible to mask movie clips? Thanks for any help…:slight_smile:

Yes it is!! u should try that…

What do you mean by mask ? If you really mean mask, you can do it directly on the timeline by right-clicking on the layer, and also with AS with the setMask function.

pom :asian:

I am thinking about this: When you push a button it will load a movie clip, but the clip will move from off of the stage onto the stage into a distinct point. But there are things on the stage that I want to movie clip to go behind while not being viewable. I hope I am not being confusing…I will have to sit down and play some more too…thanks for the help…:slight_smile:

If I get you correctly, just position your items in different layers depending on whether or not you want those items visible in front, or behind. So, anything below the mask layer and tagged as “masked” will only show through the mask. Anything above will show over your mask.

Did I get you correctly?

You know I didn’t think about it that way…I was just going to use the loadMovieclip…it will be alot easier if I do it that Iammontoya…thanks…:slight_smile: