Can you Please

I read the tutorial or the boderless window from this web site and tried to make it doesnt work any idea.

And I downloaded a Flash file in ‘windows projector’ when you run the file it automatically run in full screen. Now i have made thing and as i publish them in the ‘window projector’ format it runs in the half window, not even the actall size. so any help to make it auto run in full window mode when double clicked.

On the first frame of your movie, place this fscommand.

fscommand(“fullscreen”, “true”);

Hey Electro: is it for the ‘window’s projector’ thanks man.


And what about the boderless windows.

no, borderless windows is a whole different story from projector files.

But the fscommand for fullscreen will give you the same effect.

Well actually i wanted to know how to create a lets say 400x300 pixel boderless window. please help me with that, as i am not very poor in java and programming.