Cannot get backgroundAlpha to work

First off: I’m using FlexBuilder 3.

Now: I am creating a custom component, based on Canvas. In the canvas is an Accordion, and a button. I want the background of the canvas to be invisible, so you can see through it. Here is my canvas open tag:

<mx:Canvas xmlns:mx=“

Everything I’ve read says this should work. But it doesn’t. What I get, instead, is a gray background for the canvas, which is not at all see-through. If I change backgroundColor, it makes no difference UNLESS I kick backgroundAlpha to something above 0. At that point, I see the background color, but it’s still not at all transparent.

I originally was calling the component from an AddChild statement within a State statement. I have since switched to calling it directly from another component. This didn’t change anything. In fact, calling this canvas component directly from the main application doesn’t alter the result at all.

Is there some trick or something that I’m forgetting to do? How can I get this canvas to be transparent??? I can set alpha=“0.0”, which makes the background transparent, but it also destroys the appearance of the Accordion, which is not acceptable.

Please help!