Can't encode mpeg with cs3 flash video encoder

Hi all. I’m having a bit of trouble with flash cs3 video encoder. I’d like to encode some mpeg files to flv but I keep getting errors when trying to encode. The mpeg files are raw imported from my dvd video cam. I’m guessing they are mpeg-2 720 by 480 res. Quicktime files encode fine but I haven’t tried any other video types. I thought it was a codec problem as all I use is vlc for video. So I tried k-lite codec pack nut no success, same errors. Just wondering if anyone had any advice. I suppose I could encode my mpeg files to mov first? But what encoder would I use to keep high quality?

Here’s the error I get from flash cs3 video encoder:
2009-05-22 12:02:02 : ENCODING FAILED

  • Source file: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Ulead VideoStudio\11.0\uvs090520_192338~0.mpg
  • Output file: C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Ulead VideoStudio\11.0\uvs090520_192338~0.flv
  • Video codec: On2 VP6
  • Alpha channel encoded: no
  • Deinterlace: no
  • Frame rate: 0 fps
  • Key frame interval: 0 frames
  • Video data rate: 400 kbps
  • Width: 0 pixels
  • Height: 0 pixels
  • Audio codec: MPEG Layer III (MP3)
  • Audio data rate: 96 kbps (stereo)
  • FLV duration: 00:00:00
  • Encoding time: 00:00:01
    An internal application error occurred.