Can't get button to work in iFrames

Hello everyone.
The problem I am having is that I created a scrolling menu and I wanted it to open a new flash movie in one iFrame and a different html or flash movie in another iFrame within the page.
The file I am including here has the actionscript on it as I thought it needed to be, but no worky for me. I am including the raw flash file. I just can’t get the button to activate the iFrames at all. f…sidential.html

I uploaded the html page here.
It may be a little funky because some stuff came in wierd at the moment.
I currently put google in the iframe the flash movie will go into. Lets say that one will be called “barr.swf”, etc or if it should be in an html page, “barr.html”, etc. corresponding to the buttons.
Then the yahoo window will have the small text html. Call that “barr_descrp.html”, etc…

When the first button in the scrolling menu gets released, I want barr.swf (barr.html) to open and at the same time, barr_descrp.html will load also.

I hope that is clear enough. Let me know what you think.

if anyone can look at it an tell me if they can see what is wrong with it, I would be very grateful.
thanks in advance,