Cant Get EQ Points to work!

Hi, Im new to flash, very new! And of course, I found this amazing site which has helped me loads and loads! I was trying to make a sig for this forum, and decided I would put EQ points on it ( but I just can’t get it to work ! :angry:

Is this right what I do?

  1. Start A new document, 300x60 of course =)
  2. On the stage draw a circle, convert it to a movie clip, name it ball 1. Right click it and goto actions>then insert the code on the website.
  3. Duplicate the circle x3. Rename the instances.
  4. Create a square, make it a movie clip?<----is this right, im not sure.
  5. After making it a movie clip, right click it then goto actions then enter the code on kirupa.

So, thats what I do, I highly doubt Kirupa is wrong!! But can anyone tell me what Im doing wrong?

Thanks, any help highly appreciated!