Can't get flv to play in custom player

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I’ll do the best I can to explain the problem, but I’m not sure posting the code at this time will help.

I’m building a portfolio web site. In the portfolio part, where actual examples of my work are to be displayed, I have it set up via an XML function from a tutorial I found on building a slideshow. On the stage is an empty movieclip called “myHolder”. When you click on the portfolio button in the main movie, a submenu appears with several headings(movieclip buttons), such as print, design, direct mail, etc. When you click on, say, print ads, external thumbnail jpgs are loaded into the lower portion of the main stage, while the first external large size example of the group is loaded into the upper part of the main stage. This is all fed into the main movie from an external xml document. Each time you click on one of the thumbnails, that thumbnai’s corresponding larger swf is loaded into the upper portion of the main stage in the “myHolder” movieclip. As I mentioned, I’ve made all of the larger examples into swfs. And each group of thumbnail jpgs and corresponding larger swf examples, are all kept in separate directories.

Everything works fine, except for the videos. I’ve made a custom player with the proper code calling the NetConnect and NetStream. When I run the main movie locally, the video player loads fine and the videos play as they should. But when I upload everything to the server, the flv doesn’t play. The button rollOvers function, but I don’t think the actual functions I placed on the buttons(which are movieclips) are working.

Oddly enough, when I use the built-in video player component that comes with Flash within the individual swfs that are to be loaded dynamically, the video plays remotely in the main movie, however I then also lose the included controls that come with the component. So obviously that won’t work, plus I would rather use my own player.

I know this is an addressing problem, but I haven’t been able to decipher it for two days. Obviously, I’m not a real Flasher; I’m just trying to do something nice for my little freelance business.

To see the problem in action, Please go here and click on “portfolio” >> “Motion Media”.

Sorry for the long post. I’d be happy to post the code if the would help you understand the problem. If anyone can offer a suggestion, I would sure appreciate it.

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