Can't get "gotoAndPlay(xx)" to work

I have instances of two different movies on the same layer in the root timeline of my animation, the instance of the first movie, which I simply called “testinstance”, occupies frames 1 & 2, and the instance of the second movie, which is I named SBM (for “sidebarmenu”), occupies frames 3 through 135.

Here’s the problem. I’m running a test to see if I can get an onClipEvent(Load) in testinstance

(by the way, I’ve got frames 1 & 2 looped because of an action layer with a “goto(1)” in frame two)

to do a _parent.SBM.gotoAndPlay(xx), thereby passing control over to the instance of the second movie at frame number xx.

The “problem”, is that control isn’t going over to the second movie instance, despite my having used _parent (so as to access the second movie instance as a sibling to the first).

In a specific timeline, can’t an instance of one movie on a layer that occupies the earlier frames invoke an instance of a different movie that occupies later frames on that same layer?

I NEED to figure out how to do this, because I can’t move forward until I figure it out. I’ve been stuck for the last couple of hours.

Can someone PLEASE help.

Steve Weber

Can you post an example .fla file of what you are trying to do?

I am trying to picture in my head… it might just be me, but I keep getting it mixed up (I do that a lot).