Can't get swf movie to view on server

I have tried several times to get the files to view in my browser on the server but it does not work. I even contact the admin of that server and he could not not get to work either. Can someone please help me.

At the root directory I have some html files that are not inside any of the below folders. I can view them on my desktop but not on the server. Here is the site where I purchased these flash components


here are the instructions below: The video application is based on 3 main components: the video component (Adobe FLVPlayback), the Flashtuning HTML Table Renderer component

to render the HTML Video list using various HTML tags and attributes supported by Flash and the Flashtuning Classic Scroll Bar component

for scrolling the video list and the video description text box (you can find more information about these components in the online

Help&Support tab of the product description page (check also the information provided in the Advanced Scroll Bar AS 2.0 and HTML Table

Renderer AS 2.0 Help & Support tab … they are also available for the AS 3.0 version) )

Now to configure the video list application you have to follow the steps below in no particular order:

  1. Open and edit the config.xml setup file
  2. Open the videoLayout1.html (is a HTML table based page template for the video list) in your favorite editor (such as Dreamweaver).
  3. Open the videoInfo.xml file (contains additional info for the video files) and add your own data.
  4. Open the htmlvideolist.fla file in Flash and adjust various parameters and customize the graphics to fit your movie.