Can't load external SWFs

I just went through the** Transitions Between External SWFs **turorial here and it was great. It’s exactly what I want to do with the site I’m building. So I follow all of the directions for my site and then test the movie and it doesn’t work. The root movie plays, but no buttons open the external movies.

So I downloaded the source from the tutorial file and opened it up to compare code. I unzipped the source all to the same folder, which now contains:


So I open up manmovie2004 in MX 2004 and then preview it in browser. It’s the same as my file! The main page is there, but the buttons all seem to be dead–no external swfs.

Is it that you have to tell the main file where to go and find the others? I would think that since all files are in the same folder, it would work. Sorry if this is a totally n00b quesiton, but I’m a total n00b!