Can't Loop Music and Tween Problem

Hey all, I’m new here. I have searched the forum and Google and couldn’t find a solution.

Anyways, the first problem is when I create a new Tween/Graphic symbol it turns into an old tween I already used (Ex: Two tweens, when trying to use the second one it reverts back to the first one). Both of them are on the same layer called “Text”, also it seems to be fixed when I put the second tween on a new layer. But if I do this I will have at least a good 50 layers of text :S. Any solutions?

Second problem is I want my background music to loop throughout the whole video, my project has multiple scenes and I am baffled as to how to make the music play throughout.

I am using Flash 8. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: If it helps, my project has to be 45 seconds and the music loop I’m using is about 17 seconds.