Canvas HTML5 positioning issues

New to Canvas… I am following the Canvas book(Which is awesome!) added the script tag to my html. I can’t figure out how to take the same shape and build another one in a different position. I keep ending up with multiple shapes on top of each other… I need 3 same shapes starting at the top to middle of the page and the shapes to be different sizes. The positioning is so confusing and hard, the x and y coordinates will be the death of me lol.

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A later chapter will cover how to draw multiple shapes. Here is the online version:

Does this help?

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Thank you! Yes, I read that chapter and I was able to make multiple shapes(On top of each other lol) but… I am having difficulties figuring out the numbers and how to get the shape where I want it. Is there a number grid or something that helps you figure out where the numbers are and will end up for the co-ordinates on the page? I am having a hard time understanding the movement part… How do you know where each number will end up? There is 6 rows of 6 numbers for the shape I am working with, and putting the wrong digits will distort the shape or just put it in a spot you don’t want… Sorry, I know I sound so confused(and I am lol), but moving number around seems to be going everything but where I want it to. Is there a better way of understanding this for a newbie :sweat_smile:

Can you share your code? :slight_smile: