Canvas size

Hey guys!
I’m new at Flash and I was wondering, is there like an option in which after I’ve done an animation I could increase the canvas size like in Photoshop… you know like 20% for the left etc… cause i did this animation and I want to add things to it… Or maybe there’s a way to like include it in a new Flash animation as part of it…
Anyway if you’ve reached reading this far, thx a lot!

you can increase the canvas size any time of your flash movie, by changing the movies properties, though i dnt think you can specify if you want to increase the size to a direction like photoshop. So that can make the positioning of your work out of place, there is a way to fix this and is by using the edit multiple frames , in which you select a buttom on the bottom of the timeline (looks like two squares filled) and then you move the brackets in your timeline depending on which frames you want to edit and select all the contents you want to edit in your movie and you can move them.

:::To add to a new flash file, publish your current work and import the swf into a new flash document.

Or you could copy and paste the frames.

There’s two ways of accessing the movie size - one is just the general Prperties window where there is a grey button with the pixel size on, or via the Modify --> Document menu at the top.