Caring newbie needs help and advice!

[font=Courier New][size=1][size=2]Hello, everybody!

I am working on my first Flash project. It’s for a non-profit organization. And I have to say, that after making love to Flash for a while, all my dreams relate to being able to master it.

Regardless, I need help on some things. Again, I am verY new to this. A friend of mine helped me with some simple load movie actionscripting a while back. But now he’s gone, and I don’t know how to apply the same actionscripting to the rest of my website. This means, linking some buttons with some graphics/movieclips:

button: about -> library: movies/photos-about
button: people -> library: movies/photos-people
button: business -> library: movies/photos-business
button: living -> library: movies/photos-living
button: learning -> library: movies/photos-learning
button: talk -> library: movies/photos-talk

button: people/victims -> library: texts/text-people-victims
button: people/founders -> library: text-people-founders
button: people/sponsors -> library: text-people-sponsors
button: business/marketing -> library: text-business-marketing
button: living/health -> library: text-living-health
button: living/culinary -> library: text-living-culinary
button: learning/assistance -> library: text-learning-assistance
button: learning/resources -> library: text-learning-resources
button: learning/cooperation -> library: text-learning-cooperation

button: talk/contact -> [email protected]

That’s it. My project .fla and the fonts it uses are available at:

As for the animation of this website. Can I get some constructive criticism and advice on how to improve them? Especially the menu. Also, if any Flash gurus would know how to better organize and optimize my project too, that would be sincerely appreciated. Thank you so much for your time!

All the best,