Cartoon drawing from picture

Hello ! I would like to make a cartoon drawing from a basic picture
Is there some technicals or plugins that could help me in Photoshop or other softwares ?

what exactly do you mean by cartoon? like disney like or um like a vectorizing an image.

like vectorizing an image, you’re wright.

but a disney like drawing could interests me too… !!! for another project :wink:

Have a quick read of this tutorial on kirupa - Line Art In Flash - you can adapt the principle for any style of cartoon really. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tutorial Kit.
However my first need is to “translate” a photo into a draw looking. (Sorry for my frenchy english :wink: )

OK, can you attach a copy or example of what you’re trying to cartoon-ise? I’ll have a look, see what can be done. :slight_smile:

Don’t try to use the trace bitmap function. Really… on anything more than a gif it really is hard to get a nice looking shot without the file size being huge. You can try taking the origional image and modifying it in something like photoshop to limit the number of colors… like a solorize filter. Then you might try using various settings for Flash’s “trace bitmap” feature to get a decent cartoonish shot. It can be done… it has been, but I suggest learning Kit’s method.

You can still attempt to accomplish the same thing by importing your picture into Flash… setting it on it’s own layer and making it a graphic (F8 key).
Set it’s alpha level to around 20% in the effects panel. Lock the layer.
Create a new blank layer above it. Start drawing using Kit’s tutorial.

It may take quite a bit more work and practice to get good at it, but you’re shots will look a lot better than the trace bitmap feature can produce.

Here are the photo (triumph_small.jpg) to convert in a clipart style like this (car_vect.jpg)
Good evening

I don’t think there’s an easy “just add water” way of doing this. If you want those clean results, you may have to do it by hand.

Kirupa’s stroke tutorial is geat but I wouldn’t make my strokes in flash. I would use a program like Illustrator because the tools are more built towards this sort of thing. You can inport the strokes into flash and asign them to layers quite easily. I’m curently doing this right now to build a cartoon and found it to be much easier.

Yeah, you can use Illustrator as well - since it’s a vector based program you shouldn’t have any problems transferring between it and Flash. I guess I just prefer using Flash, but that’s a personal opinion.

Ya it really comes down to what your comfortable with. I did a lot of desktop publishing before with illustrator so I find it easiest but that dosn’t make it the best. You can do it just as well in Flash or Freehand if you know them well.

Thanks to all