Cartoon problem


When surfing the internet i encounterd these cartoons.

Cartoon 1:

And this one

Cartoon 2:

But since I’m not german I don’t understand them very good.

The are talking about how the situation is, and there’s going to be a breaktrough. And then the pawn says: TOR?
What’s that about. Tor means gate, no? Can someone explain.

(=> Particulary winking to Lost, because I know he’s german…)

And then the second cartoon.
Can someone translate what the king says? I’ve tried the translator of worllingo, but it didn’t made any sence…


Tor means ‘Goal’, I believe… :slight_smile:

And Dauerschach is ‘continuous chess’…

This is what happens in the first one…

They’re talking about a secret birthday party for a friend, and then they are saying who they’ve invited and then he says hes invited George! But the party is for George! So the surprise is spoilt. :frowning:

The second one…

He’s running around looking for his banana and at the end he shouts, “Where’s my banana?!?”

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You speak German like a native. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks :thumb:

Bitte sehr. :slight_smile:

vie heiBst du?

Ich heiBe Morgan

Pah german hate the class :stuck_out_tongue: never learn anything but German!

Did it up to A Level. :slight_smile:

And I always remember what ‘tor’ means, because for my oral exam I had to talk about football. :beam:

ouch A level thats gotta get to you :P.

i do the basics and they get me through exams :smiley:

*Originally posted by Kitiara *
And I always remember what ‘tor’ means, because for my oral exam I had to talk about football. :beam:

what has footbal to do with chess here?

i’m pretty sure the rook is thinking the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

Look, no-one ever said the Germans had a sense of humour… :stuck_out_tongue:

Kit me liked ur old sig better (-:

She’s not forgotton - I’ve still got that sig and avatar etc, just fancied a little change for a while. :slight_smile:

my new one is on the way… actually, I’ve got two - so I’ll poll them in D&D in a bit :0

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of course… who would have it any other way? :beam: