Cast Remotely to Cam in Browser to Non-Smart TV with Chromecast

HI all. So here is what I’m trying to accomplish:

I need to be able to communicate with my mom via webcam without her doing a thing except to sit in front of the cam that is being cast to a non-smart TV that has Chromecast adapter and a webcam attached on top (the computer is next to the TV temporarily until I work all of this out).

I need to be able to switch TV input back to regular cable TV remotely from where I’m camming.
she is 84 and it is impossible for her (believe me, I’ve tried) to so much as turn on a computer. I can pretty much do this now with remote access to the computer at her house.

The issue is, the computer needs to be moved to another room in another part of the house but the cam needs to sit atop the Chromecast-ed TV IN the living room. I obviously need a wireless cam (going to search for that right after I finish this inquiry to see if that’s a viable option). FaceTime and Skype apps dont show up when computer is cast to TV with Chromecast. I need to have cam live stream in browser unless you can tell me how to make Face Time or Skype show up when casting. Also, I need to be able to switch TV input back to where she can can watch Cable TV (Chromecast automatically switches to HDMI input that adapter is plugged into when casting but it doesn’t automatically switch back to Cable TV HDMI input when I stop casting.

Any ideas?

Is there a TV remote app that I can use remotely to switch her back from Chromecast to Cable?

And, cam in browser issue? Another app that shows up in browser or another way to see FT or Skype in a browser cast?

Anyway, I can’t wait to hear from you. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.

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