CD Cover Template

Hi guys,

where can i find a cd cover template in illustrator extension or if there is one?

Or do you know any other forum that I can join for this type of help in Illustrator?

Please help. Thanks.


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you can download it at
you’ll need to register but that’s about it…i’ve been using their templates for a long time and have had no problem at all

Why don’t you just measure a CD cover and create your own? I’ve made CD covers before and it doesn’t take long to measure it and create it in Illustrator.

You can run a search on Google for “CD cover templates,” maybe you’ll get lucky and find one.

Hi electrongeek,

Do you know any other forums that offer Illustrator help?

PS. Your last name looks like Vietnamese…

Thanks. has templates for all type of layout
programs, including illustrator and quark. They are free to

Maybe I said it wrong … I mean the CD cover not the CD label on the cd.
I have to design a CD cover which is the front, the side and the back of the CD so is there any template for that in Illustrator format.

Thank you