CD Splash screen problem... :(

I’ve got a project on a CD splash presentation. I wanna know how to carry out certain

executions such as ‘Explore CD’, ‘Run Setup’,‘Read me.txt’ etc. How do i get to do all


One more thing…according to all the tutes in the world, I’ve tried exactly the same

procedure of fscommand(“exec”,“file.exe”); but it never worked…(Flash MX)

So guys…help…

you can open files on the cd just by using the getURL command.

what are you trying to do with the fscommand? It only accepts a few parameters, “exec” is not one of them.

Carixpig: “exec” IS an fscommand…

Nizamm: read the help file on this one, it’s not as easy as you might first think (for safety reasons you can’t run exes directly without some work), but then it’s not that hard either. :slight_smile:

My mistake, “exec” is an fscommand parameter, I should check these things before opening my mouth…

I have an actionscript book that reminds you to use forward slashes rather than backslashes in the path to your files or applications. This is no different to normal Flash slash notation, but, I guess the author would not be saying it for nothing. Also check the path to your files and applications. It’s best to use the absolute path, eg C:Windows/Notepad.exe but check that the place apps are stored on your system is the same as everyone else. Note that this night not work for Macs.