Cel shading in swift 3d?

Is this possible? If so… any tutorials on it?

yes it is, you have to render as a vector, then chose the nuber of colors. And depending on the mesh quality and kind of object you could end p with some cool cell shading. Although it will not be as good as lets say 3ds max. With some manipulating it could come out good. what kind of object are you cell shading? I love cell shading.

How can this be done in 3ds max?

I think max has a cartoon shader. Which version are you using?

v4’s advanced modelling features were really needed, by the looks of things v4 has become a lot more powerful. I really want the software, maybe i’ll buy it next week. Does anyone know what the tutorial disk is like that comes with it? i like to think i am good in 3d apps but tute discs are always nice.